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Version 13.0 Documentation Centre

This page contains links to on help files and manuals which have been installed as part of Version 13.0, plus selected on-line resources.

Note: if you download a .CHM file, then before you can use it, you must right click on it, select Properties and click on the Unblock button. Failure to do so will result in the error "Navigation Cancelled".

Many of these links require Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here.


Errata to the manuals and online help can be found here.

Language Help

v13.0 (internet - http://www.dyalog.com/help/13.0)

Release Notes

Version 13.0 Release Notes
SALT/UCMD Release Notes

Core Product Manuals

Language Reference
Object Reference
DotNet Interface Guide
Interface Guide
User Guide


User Commands
Guide to the Code Libraries
Conga v2.1 User Guide
SQAPL v6.1 User Guide
Tuning Applications using the Profile User Command
Rain Pro (rainpro.chm)
New Leaf (newleaf.chm)
Causeway Pro (cpro.chm)
SALT - the Simple APL Library Tookit
Workspace Transfer Guide


Introduction to Object Oriented Programming for APL Programmers
Object Oriented Programming for Impatient APL'ers

Internet Resources

Dyalog Web Site http://www.dyalog.com
Previous Version (12.1) Help http://www.dyalog.com/help/12.1
Dyalog forums: http://forums.dyalog.com
Frequently Asked Questions: http://forums.dyalog.com/viewforum.php?f=22
Vector - The journal of the British APL Association http://www.vector.org.uk/
The APL Wiki http://aplwiki.com/

Printed Manuals

Online on demand ordering of printed manuals is available on Lulu

Printed manuals can be shipped anywhere in the world and quotes are provided instantly online in US$, £ or €.

For a full overview with product order numbers, please click here or visit Lulu to browse or to order.

Other Versions