Dyalog APL V17.1 Issue 1 READ ME FIRST

This document contains the latest information about Dyalog APL Version 17.1.

This file is dyalog_readme.htm and is included in the help directory in the Dyalog installation.

Table of Contents


This section lists various changes and fixes which may affect your application. They have been made in 17.1 rather than in DSS updates since they involve a change in behaviour.


We recommend that you read both the Release Notes and the dyalog_readme.

The Conga User Guide Supplement has now been merged into the main Guide; it is no longer included in 17.1 releases. The new Guide includes details of the changes to the Conga workspace. In particular you should use HttpCommand rather than the now-removed Samples.HTTPGet.
For example:
      )xload conga
      ]load HttpCommand

The online help can be found at http://help.dyalog.com/17.1; the PDFs etc can be found at http://docs.dyalog.com/17.1. The online files are updated more frequently than we update the installation images.

17355chartwizard.dyalog always gets installed in program files 17358⎕CSV: ⎕DMX for ⍠'Ragged' w/o ColType is not very clear 17365Change the default for "Pause threads on error" to OFF -->

New In 17.1

9415setting a ⎕STOP from the session whilst in the editor doesn't stick
15695WIBNI ⍸ would accept duplicates in ⍺
15863Remove restriction: ⎕RL indexed and selective assignment is not permitted
16333Namespace.⊆ gives a syntax error, not a space-tagged function
16415Windows installer should error if you attempt to install on an unsupported version of the O/S
16531Trying to create an HTML renderer with ENABLE_CEF=0 does not fail gracefully
16725(RFE) ⎕NINFO: support is_readable (11) and is_writeable (12) for directories
16781Portable file functions: Wildcard support does not work for filenames that contain line-ending characters
16864Spelling errors in DMX messages
16867In some instances, a component file with a damaged free tree containing a circular ref can cause the interpreter to crash
16883File functions should take a single enclosed charvec
17100Can't edit: The function's class is already being edited when editing a 2 ⎕FIX'ed function
17101Extra "locals line" is sometimes coloured red when tracing
17102Strange behaviour related to unbalanced quotes in function with source on file
17132Invalid results from some scans with double arguments and ⎕FR←1287
17143)ed \ generated a syserror
17152websocket open does not wait for CEF/HTMLRenderer to finish loading
17222With a certain workspace, creating a shared code file with 8667⌶ creates a truncated file which will later cause a crash
17239Syntax colouring of GUI property Size is wrongly coloured in Global Name colour
17251Crash in (⍴⍵)⍴b\b/,⍵ with boolean and character data
17269Syserror 63 or 999 if you load a workspace which has been saved after using ]link
17310In the session, names are coloured as errors if localised by the suspended function
17320Remove Conga supplement from releases
17325Only the first instance of such as [HOME] or [WS] is expanded in SALT-related paths
17355chartwizard.dyalog always gets installed in program files
17358⎕CSV: ⎕DMX for ⍠'Ragged' w/o ColType is not very clear
17365Change the default for "Pause threads on error" to OFF
17385The RANK ERROR you get when running foo where foo is 'foo(arg)' is not particularly enlightening
17389Remove DWASamples from Linux and mac releases

Issues Fixed in Version 17.1 Reported in Earlier Versions of Dyalog APL

2939The values of TitleHeight or TitleWidth in a grid cannot be used for ⎕WS if these properties have not been set.
11161Attempting to <EP> from editor on dfn in isolate results in Dyalog hanging until you interrupt the process
13386Unexpected (?) SYNTAX ERROR with compiled functions - was fine in 14.1
13432Puzzling SYNTAX ERROR if an invalid token is encountered
13484Syserr 999 when APL is run under Docker
14213Non-Windows: with I/O redirection in place the interpreter should not generate EOF INTERRUPTS if RIDE is enabled
14671(⎕NINFO ⎕opt 1)'*' generates a DOMAIN ERROR if there are filenames that contain invalid UTF-8 characters
14729OLEClient objects can get odd symbols that are described as external methods but do not really exist
14759intro workspace > APLKeys command brings up out-of-date image
15646&← can cause a syserror 999
15724Scalar dyadics with rank don't allow singleton extension
15801WIBNI I could override the registry setting SALT\CommandFolder from the command line
15853⎕DMX omits missing variable name for modified and indexed assignments
15889⎕R should universally accept character scalars as 1-element vectors
15903⎕NPUT refuses '' for default encoding
15985⎕CY should complain if there are blanks in its left argument.
15986Indexed +← ignores ⎕FR
15998Configure>Session and Configure>Log could be combined
16013⎕NEXISTS should not error on empty filename argument
16014⎕XML mismatched / unclosed tag DMX messages should include the expected tag
16028wrong caret position when ⍵ is used outside a dfn
16034Off-by-one error on invalid chars in ⎕XML
16081⎕XML doesn't handle simple scalar character character value if attribute is also scalar
16088⎕SIGNAL can cut too much off the stack
16098Rightmost column can remain when scrolling by selection
16105Misleading/confusing JSON DMX message
16132⎕R/⎕S should allow enclosed scalar pattern
16133Monad iota erroneously DOMAIN ERRORs when passed an empty nested array
16135Change APL_MAX_THREADS default value to 1
16140The value of COLOURS_SETTINGS (toggling syntax colouring) is ignored on non-Windows platforms
16144Extened 201⌶ to include a column which has the tty colour numbers
16187Incorrect value displayed when hovering while debugging with collapsed sections of the outline
16213Hang in DECF sin/cos/tan on large arguments
16241A session cannot own an HTMLRenderer
16276Odd parsing of function dot array
16283The ∘ in ∘. can bind to operators on its left
16327Failure to fix due to missing base class should have better DMX Message
16361Cannot use naked trace on workspace saved in earlier version with stack
16364Reintroduce support for mapping JSON null to ⎕NULL and vice versa
16374⊥ doesn't check for length errors if the left argument is boolean
16376Statements are chopped at ⎕UCS 0 without warning
16385Altering the Size but not Posn of an HTMLRenderer object causes its Posn to revert to the initial location
16439WIBNI recursive ⎕NINFO told you the name of a directory it couldn't read
16443WIBNI recursive ⎕NINFO had an option to skip unreadable directories
16471Singleton division by near-zero may give spurious domain errors
16509HTML renderer client certificate chooser
16511{⍺⍵}⍨⍣¯1 hangs
16541Better support for running on Alpine Linux
16560Interpreter should not quit on error if RIDE is connected
16654The use of T2 or T4 parameters in ⎕NA can produce UNICODE char arrays in a CLASSIC interpreter
16684Running ⎕dl from a RIDE client with the status bar enabled causes the interpreter to use huge amounts of CPU
16713(8659⌶)3 generates "RANK ERROR: Right argument should be an empty vector". Isn't the problem that the left argument is missing?
16765⊢∘{} doesn't cause a value error
16806Making a change in the editor to #.ns.ref which is a reference to class #.c results in the altered c appearing in both # and ns
16838⎕JSON includes system names when serialising classes and interfaces, and wrongly refuses instances
16868Add comment about update-alternatives at top of Linux/Pi mapl scripts
16891⍳⍤1 0 on complex arguments returns 0 when ⎕IO=1
16960Reverse doesn't check axis if argument isn't an array
17016Sometimes get a Syserror 123 if you )clear while there is an existing Link from ]link which could not link thousands of files
17108Syserror 999 in negative even power of a vector consisting of 0 and at least one ¯1
17158Popup warning of change to file does not display entire file name
17261Improve the use of DMX messages (and reduce status window messages) in the OLE interface