Dyalog APL V17.0 Third Issue READ ME FIRST

This document contains the latest information about Dyalog APL Version 17.0.

This file is dyalog_readme.htm and is included in the help directory in the Dyalog installation.

This installation image includes all fixes released so far in 17.0

Table of Contents


This section lists various changes and fixes which may affect your application. They have been made in 17.0 rather than in DSS updates since they involve a change in behaviour.


We recommend that you read both the Release Notes and the dyalog_readme. The documentation for 17.0 will be updated as required throughout the supported life of Dyalog 17.0; we recommend checking the links below to see if there is more recent documentation.

The online help can be found at http://help.dyalog.com/17.0; the PDFs etc can be found at http://docs.dyalog.com/17.0.