Dyalog APL V15.0 Fourth Issue READ ME FIRST

This document contains the latest information about Dyalog APL Version 15.0.

This was last updated on 2017-01-09, and is associated with 15.0.28957.

This image includes a fix for 014077: ⌈/¨⍬ ⍬ incorrectly returns 0 0, rather than the correct ¯1.797693135E308 ¯1.797693135E308 (as in 14.1 and earlier)

This file is dyalog_readme.htm and is included in the help directory in the Dyalog installation.

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The fix for issue 13616 results in a change of behaviour which brings the interpreter in line with the documentation; if ValidIfEmpty is 1 and the FieldType is Numeric, LongNumeric, Currency, date or Time, the Value property will be set to ⍬ when the user clears the field and leaves it. Dyalog considers this an acceptable change of behaviour given that 15.0 has not been available for very long.

Enhancements to ⎕NREPLACE and ⎕NREAD for APLX compatibility

⎕NREPLACE and ⎕NREAD have been extended to ease the migration from APLX to Dyalog; however, these enhancements may be more generally useful. The start byte for ⎕NREPLACE and ⎕NREAD can now have the value ¯1, which tells the interpreter to start the append or read starting at the current position in the file. If the count for ⎕NREAD is set to ¯1 then the interpreter reads from the start byte to the end of the file. Note that if the conversion code specifies a multibyte type of data, then the interpreter reads as many items of that type as possible - any extraneous bytes at the end of the file will be ignored.